Monday, July 23, 2018

How To Make Extra Money Online On Fiverr | Top Worldwide Jobs

Fiverr is the world's largest marketplace for digital services. You can find jobs ranging from logo design, social media marketing, voice over talents, proof reading, translations, virtual assistant, online lessons, copywriting and more. The website claims it has served 950+ services per hour last year. Being tech savvy is almost a necessity here - afterall, it is digital services marketplace but you can still find jobs that only requires basic tech know-how.

To start - sign up with Fiverr. You, the seller will post a job called gig and potential buyers will pay Fiverr to avail of your services. You get to keep 80% of the selling price of each gig which starts at $5 but you can set whatever price you want. Once the job is done, deliver the work and buyers will have 3 days to accept or request for improvements. Once accepted, the gig will be marked complete and you can request payment within 14 days.

Doing freelance work is one of the more stable ways to earn money online. A lot of people depend on this for a living. It is much like having your own business, you create your own brand, formulate your own strategy and manage your products and services.

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Mode of Payment

PayPal and Payoneer

Ease of Use


Earning Potential


Fun Factor


How to do it right

Consider pricing your services at or below market value specially for starters.

Reply inquiries as quickly as possible. Buyers will have other options and if they can settle their inquiries with another seller, they will not wait for you.

Focus on quality over quantity. Learn how to say no if you will not be able to deliver good quality service.

Prioritize quality of work and good customer service before money and ratings.

Pay attention to your gig's title and description. Be impressive yet truthful.

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