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Make Money Online For UserTesting | Top Worldwide Jobs

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Make Money Online For UserTesting
Make Money Online For UserTesting

Create a 20-minute video review of a website or an app and get paid $10. ( Make Money Online )

Website and app developers pay good money to find out if their product is good or not. They want to find out if it is easy to use if the graphics are appealing and if there is any difficulty with user experience and workflow. Developers use this data to identify which areas they need to improve on.  

Make Money Online For UserTesting is a platform that bridges developers with people who are willing to provide their valuable insights. To start - signup and submit a short sample video with voice. You need to have a PC or Mac to review websites and an iPhone or Android to review apps obviously. You will need to install software provided by UserTesting that enables you to record your screen. A decent microphone is also needed to record your voice clearly. There would be tasks that you need to perform and accomplish whenever you review an app or a website in UserTesting. It will not be a free-for-all, say anything you want kind of review.



Mode of Payment


Ease of Use


Earning Potential


Fun Factor


How to do it right

Good command of the English language is a necessity - nope they will not accept sign language.

After qualifying, quickly grab every job opportunity presented to you or someone else will take it.

Reviewers may suffer rejections at first. Yes, clients may reject a review if they feel it does not have any substance. Be patient and practice.

Your rating will determine how many jobs or tests lands in your dashboard. Lower ratings mean fewer jobs,

Follow the tasks that you are asked to do. Don't spend too much time criticizing the design or colors of the website if it is not being asked.