Monday, October 15, 2018

The Winner Gets The Prize Money And You Get A Great New Slogan Slingers

Gather all your wits, come up with a slogan and get a chance to win $50-$999 per contest. It is really fun to do, just read what the company is all about, understand their requirements then come up with the most brilliant slogan that you can think about. There is a catch though... As easy as it sounds, you will need to compete with over 1,000+ people who are also cracking their heads up to think of a slogan just like you.  If you get lucky or if you are really that talented, a few hundred dollars a month just using your brain for a few minutes is a very good deal.

Here's how to make money writing slogans for companies and organizations. Slogan Slingers focuses exclusively on Slogan/Tagline contests. 

Start by sign up thru the website then confirm your email. Upon logging in, you will see the open contests that you can join. Read the requirements and submit up to 3 slogans per contest. You can turn ON their automatic email notification so that you will get notified whenever there is a new challenge. There are a lot of people submitting their ideas and if they submit first you will not be able to submit yours if it is exactly the same.

The Winner Gets The Prize Money And You Get A Great New Slogan Slingers
Studies show 84% of consumers consider a company slogan essential for credibility. Research from Harvard Business Review shows that consumers will spend almost 30% more if a slogan is effective. So turn to Slogan Slingers!


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