Monday, November 5, 2018

Ayboll Review - Increase Site Revenue With Program

Ayboll is a premium and innovative advertising network and personalized content discovery platform. It is currently one of the top content recommendation platforms in the world working with more than 20,000+ premium advertisers.

Ayboll is a great example of a network that is currently offering native advertising to their site partners while helping them earn additional income in the process. Here’s an example of the what advertising served through Ayboll might look like if it was to appear on your site.

Ayboll is one of the better solutions on the market to balance monetization visuals while preserving your readers’ natural experience. Ayboll provides a blog owner with a customized widget that provides links to content published on other networks that a blog’s readers might find interesting (native advertising). When a reader clicks on the widget, you will get paid a very generous revenue share if your readers purchased one of the items advertised.

It offers an easy monetization solution for any website, allowing you to monetize your inventory, as well as enhancing user engagement by displaying interesting sponsored content from across the web.

Once any of the images or links are clicked, the visitor is then sent over to the article or site of their choice. Should the user take action once visiting any of these links, the site displaying the advertising is then paid a commission. Ayboll is set up differently from other ad networks (like Google Adsense), in that they are promoting CPA/affiliate based offers and split that commission with the site owner.

Ayboll currently has over 20,000 premium advertisers on their network, with average eCPM rates of $6 for U.S. Traffic. Site owners also don’t have to worry about seeing blank ads on their site, as Ayboll also has 100% international fill rate and their network is seeing 600+ new publishers joining every day. A win-win for both advertisers and affiliates.

Ayboll uses advanced technology to deliver high-performing ad-placements on their publisher’s websites. Their content widgets are adapted by an algorithm they have developed that shows the most trending & profitable ads that will be suited to run on your site at any given moment. Ayboll’s innovative ad-placements will look very similar to your website’s content and does not interfere with your user’s experience. It blends natively into the existing content, almost as if it’s a part of your website.

How to Make Money with Ayboll

Ayboll‘s sign-up process is shockingly easy. Any blog, no matter its content type (even adult), must simply provide an e-mail address and choose a password.  Important: unlike with many other services, there is absolutely no contract that needs to be signed in order to become an ayboll partner.

Creating an account with Ayboll is dead simple and takes only a few minutes to set up.

The first thing you will need to do is visit and click on “Sign Up” or “Get Widget”.

Ayboll provides a powerful publisher panel where you can create and manage multiple ad widgets for multiple domains and also gain access to real-time revenue statistics for your website.

Once set up with an account, you can then fill out the “Create a Widget” form, which only asks for your site info and how you want the widget to be displayed on your site.

Below the form, you will also see the “Widget Preview” like the one below. This will help you in deciding how many columns and rows you want, to fix the current design of your site.

The ayboll widget gives you the option to choose the ad's rating between Safe, Moderate and 18+ ads. After selecting the ad rating the next thing is to add a widget header. The text you enter in the widget header appears on the top of the widget on your webpage, so make sure to keep it as interesting as you can.

You can customize the number of rows and columns that will display ads on your webpage. You get the option to select up to 5 columns and 3 rows according to the sizing of your webpage. The widget also has an auto feature that automatically adjusts the size and number of columns based on your web page.

The last part of the process is grabbing your widget install code and placing it on your site. With this simple code, Ayboll will serve a wide range of their advertisements on your site, so your audience is always seeing the best performing campaigns and always something new.

If you have an entertainment or general audience blog with a lot of traffic, we could see Ayboll performing pretty well because of the type of ads they have on their network and the high click-through rates across the board.