Monday, October 19, 2020

Know All The Hacks You Need To Become A Professional Video Editor

Regardless of where you stand with your skills as a video editor, there is always some incentive in learning essential hacks that could ease your journey. 

These hacks can be easily incorporated into your workflow and prove to be highly efficient when you need to create a remarkable video. Here are some of the top-notch hacks that can offer you a smart and seamless entry into the profession of video editing. 

Start By Picking The Right Software

The kind of software that you use to edit your videos will have a lot of impact on how quickly you can ace your editing skills. Do your research regarding the editing software that will work best for your style. This will ensure that you will not have to alter your creative process.

Each software has its features, pros, and cons, and before picking anyone, it makes sense to evaluate them. It is good to pick a free or lite version to understand how the software works before going for its paid version. 

Choose The Right System

An expensive computer might not be able to enhance your video editing skills. But a fast processor can enhance how quickly you can work on your videos and allows you to focus on editing quickly. 

Some quick ways to enhance the efficiency of your computer is to equip it with an SSD card, increase its memory, use better processors and video cards.

These additions might find your system working better and smoother than before. Then you can go through your video editing job with greater efficiency. 

Walk The Audience’s Shoe

With each video, you are going to be telling a story to your audience. Video editing is not merely about cutting short a few clips and putting them together. Instead, it is a sequence of audio, stunning captures, transition effects, and graphics. 

Before editing a video, you need to find the target audience and tailor your video to match what keeps them hooked. 

Keyboard Shortcuts Are Amazing Friends

Video editing can become a cakewalk if you can catch hold of a few life-saving shortcuts. These shortcuts can save you a few crucial seconds that will add up to enhance your efficiency in the long run. 

Shared below are a few examples that you can apply while editing your videos. 

Use The Alt Key

The Alt key offers a powerful and effective way to manage your videos and assist with vital actions that would otherwise take up a lot of your time. 

From isolating the audio and video in your clip to duplicating the clip and even rearranging frames in the clip, there is a wide array of functions that this key can achieve for you. 

Thus, your editing speed is positively impacted, and you will be done editing your video in a lesser amount of time. 

Use of Command + Drag option

Another time-saving option, the control/ command + drag option, allows you to move clips in entirety. Wondering how that will be useful to you? Well, for starters, you could apply a variety of audio and video transitions too as many clips as you have selected. 

For a video that includes a large number of clips, this hack could save you a lot of time. You could apply effects on your video in a shorter period. 

Master The Lingo

If you want to be the jack of your trade, you should start by learning the essential lingo of your job. Video editing is practically an industry and not limited to being a hobby or profession. Once you learn the art of it, there is a significant scope waiting for you outside. 

Few essential terms, such as Jumpcut, J and L cut, Montage, and match action, are examples of what it takes to understand the art of video editing, in and out. To an outsider, these terms might sound no less than technical jargon, but to you, it should sound like regular verse. 

There are many books which can help you with this effort, and it is, in fact, one of the best ways to equip yourself with the knowledge on these terms. 

Music Is Everything

Audio can make or break your video. A good video should always be paired with music that matches its quality and ambiance. While there is ample free music available online, it makes sense to invest in the right sources to locate the best audio clips for your videos. 

Music can thoroughly add the right element of entertainment to your videos. This is why you must invest your money and effort in sourcing good music. It is also a good idea to understand leveling through videos to get the hang of using your music the right way. 

Exporting A Video

This is a big task, one where you must invest your time learning and understanding. With the increased digitization, your video is likely to land upon several systems, phones, and tablets. So, how do you make it accessible to all your audience? 

This requires an understanding of features like Codec, Resolution, bit rate, and frame rate. These settings will help you design your video that plays smoothly on every platform. Remember that all your hard work on editing a video might be for nothing if you aren’t able to export it effectively. 

YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Instagram are just a few platforms over which your video is likely to be viewed. SEO video marketing is a real thing today, and if that’s your arena, you would need to learn a bit more about these platforms too. 

In Conclusion

Being properly organized is one way to enhance the way you edit your videos. Make use of additional hardware if you deem it to be fit for your purpose. And remember to pay attention to other considerations like color correction, grading, titles, graphics, and after-effects. 

Together, these elements will make your video great! Today, a lot of fields require video marketing aid and offer opportunities to video editors such as healthcare marketing jobs.